RantaCasino as a Venue & upcoming events

Our restaurant with 2 extensive terraces at the river bank make it the perfect location for music, conferences, meetings etc.  We also cater for weddings and other family occasions as well as corporate events.

Through the year we have wonderful events. In the summer especially most weekends we have live music which includes all different kinds of bands + troubadours to suit most music tastes.  Also we have theme events, ie. Oktoberfest, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day + many more.  Our restaurant is also very popular for Christmas parties during the Festive season.




Music at RantaCasino, summer 2019:
7.6.19 HELLO SUMMER! Hittiorkesteri Aimo + DJ Oku Luukkainen
(radio Nova retro Friday). 9 p.m. -04 a.m.. Tickets 20€. Read more here
28.6. The Hämpton Dixieband
13.7. The Clean Rebels:
Proper old school Rock 'n' Roll and a bit more!
14.7. trubadour Sampo Salmela
20.7. 80’s & 90’s Disco Night!
DJ Richard Berman (UK), 9 p.m. till late. Tickets only 5€.
One of the best Irish female artists Luan Parle with Clive Barnes
4.8. Heinolassa Jyrää-concert in the park next to RantaCasino; Kalevauva, Vesta, Kengurumeininki. Free entrance!